14-15. October 2017

Stockholm, Sweden

Research in microcirculation indicates that impaired and

disturbed microcirculation is associated with a large variety

of clinical symptoms. When there is no effective medication available, other complementary therapies have an important role in medical treatments.


BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy increases microcirculation and blood flow in precapillary blood vessels.  BEMER Therapy improves decreased vasomotion of arterioles and very small arterioles, resulting in a need-based blood distribution into the capillary network, making BEMER to an effective treatment option for many conditions. Sufficient blood flow improves the performance of the body’s cells and their self-healing ability.


During two days, you will receive basic information regarding the

Physical Vascular Therapy BEMER for adjuvant practice and private use. The product and technology is medically certified.



BEMER Nordic

Itsehallintokuja 4

02600 Espoo, Finland